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«Живущий на территории Орлея долийский клан Вирнен призвал демона Имшэля, дабы тот помог восстановить сеть элувианов.
Имшэль создал ключ-камни, которые могли привести своего владельца к центральному узлу — комнате, из которой можно управлять всеми элувианами Тедаса. Находясь там, владелец ключ-камня мог перезапустить сеть элувианов, назначив новый пароль, необходимый для путешествия между зеркалами.
В качестве платы за создание ключ-камней Имшэль потребовал от Телена, хранителя клана, стать одержимым, но тот отказался и пленил духа. Тогда Имшэль обманом убедил сэра Мишеля де Шевина, телохранителя императрицы Селины, освободить его. В знак благодарности дух отдал ключ-камень Селине.»

«In 9:40 Dragon, Imshael is summoned from the Fade by the Dalish clan Virnehn and trapped in a binding circle, diminishing its power. The clan's keeper, Thelhen, seeks its assistance in unlocking the secrets of the Eluvians. However, Imshael refused, seeing that Thelhen only wants the eluvians awakened and nothing more and wouldn't submit to the consequences of his actions."
Later, when Clan Virnehn plays host to Empress Celene and her entourage, Imshael uses blood magic to lure her champion, Ser Michel de Chevin to it. Engaging in dialogue with Michel, Imshael reveals the existence of the eluvians to Michel and the reason it was brought to the physical world. The demon then tries to make a deal, suggesting that Michel sacrifice a mortal as a host for it in exchange for influencing the dreams of men, who would unknowingly forge documents and claim that Michel is fully human, so as to hide the fact that he is elf-blooded.
Michel later returned with Celene and ordered the demon to produce the Keystone. Imshael then created a Keystone that would lead whoever wielded it through a series of Eluvians that would end in a central chamber connected to all of the Eluvians in Thedas. From there, whomever holds the Keystone could reactivate the Eluvians and reset the spoken password needed to travel through them. But after taking the keystone, Michel attempts to destroy the binding circle, thinking that it would send Imshael back into the Fade, but the demon had in fact misled him and breaking the circle released the demon. After Imshael is free, the demon goes on to massacre all the remaining members of clan Virnehn; save Mihris, the clan First who was spared because Imshael was amused by Ser Michel de Chevin's decision to spare her and secretly possessed the elven mage, keeping its true nature secret even as Mihris joined forces with Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons to get revenge on Michel.»


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